Friday, March 25, 2011

Another cool find

American Pickers is one of our favorite shows. We love to follow Mike and Frank as they go around the country digging in attics, sheds, barns, overgrown yards and any other place that has rusty junk. We feel like we are kindred spirits and often wonder what it would be like if we turned them loose on my dad’s farm.

On a recent episode, Mike and Frank were sent to find some unique decorations for William Shatner’s home. They sought many things, but the most intriguing was an antique mill stone. We loved learning about the history and value of mill stones.

A short time later, Jeremy sent me a message saying that someone had listed a millstone and he wanted to take a look. I responded and told him to get it!

We are now the proud owners of one intact millstone and several pieces of another. Made of granite, these stones were used to grind grain at a mill in Enterprise or were manufactured at the J.B. Ehrsam and Sons Manufacturing Company located in Enterprise. The building that housed these operations was razed around the holidays this year.

The stones came to live with us and we will soon place them in an area where we are reinstalling a flower garden. We are proud to have a piece of Kansas history!

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