Thursday, April 9, 2009

Good neighbors

Jeremy and I are blessed to have the best neighbors! Today, they played Easter bunny and brought us the sweetest gift that was waiting in the garage after work.
A couple of weeks ago, we shared 18 eggs in an oversized carton. Today, our neighbors returned the carton with our bantam egg shells filled with pansies. Each egg cup had Easter grass and if the cup did not have an egg shell with a flower, it had a chocolate egg! What a sweet (and absolutely perfect) thing for them to do!
It reminds me of a story from several years back that my Grandpa Harsch told me. A young farmer and his wife moved down the road from his farm. (Grandpa lived in town, but still farmed and had his old farm house, equipment shed, a garden, and all the makings for a full-scale operation just outside of town.) The young farmer needed to borrow some equipment and my Grandpa gave the go ahead. When he returned the implement, the young farmer took out his checkbook and prepared to pay my Grandpa. My Grandpa refused and said, "Let's just be good neighbors."
I have carried that sentiment with me. It's simplicy speaks to the best of rural life. I love having that story as part of my legacy and we are so blessed to have neighbors share the same value.

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Emma Ladoux said...

what a lovely little story, Emily. I love your blog!