Sunday, December 21, 2008

Roving - A Project in Waiting

When our shipment of yarn arrived, so did our first roving. We have been waiting to have access to roving because I have this crazy desire to learn to spin fiber into yarn. Our good friend Karen loaned us her spinning wheel last fall and it has set idle while we wait for one, time, and two, roving. The second arrived and then we had to wait for a break.

Settler's Farm in Wamego offers classes which means a qualifed instructor is available. Now, we are back to the question of time. And, the philsophical debate of should I learn to spin or knit first. If I learn to spin first, then, what to do with the yarn. If I learn to knit first, then we have yarn already spun by The Shepherd's Mill. I'll work all of this out over winter break.

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