Friday, August 1, 2008

Chicken update

When we first considered getting chickens, Jeremy and I had several "chicken chats" where we would talk about all the details. Our chicken chats continue - we just speculate about their behavior, when the hens will begin to lay, why it seems we have so many roosters, etc. This has been quite the adventure.

We have one gigantic Rhode Island Red rooster. He has these amazing iridescent tail feathers and a developing crow. The first few crows where like a teenager with a changing voice - "Errr Errr Errrrrrrr!" at about 7 a.m. I was saying a prayer of thanks that our neighbors were very supportive of the chicken adventure and even said they missed the sound of crowing in the morning. We are very lucky indeed.

We have two batches - the group we bought at Tractor Supply Company (my favorite store) because we could not wait for the mail order and the mail order. Both batches were a straight run which means they are not sexed. The mail order company said to expect about 50/50...we have tried to count, but they are too fast! The rooster types will find a home in our freezer before winter - that is, if we can find someone to help us do the dirty work. I don't have good memories of chicken harvest from my youth.

We have affectionately begun to call the Big Boy rooster "Lunch." My niece, McKenzy, was sort of amused by this name and kind of horrified. Right now, no one is worried about harvest, they all come running when we bring the cart of weeds or the enamel pan of what used to be compost feed.

Now, we are on egg watch...still waiting...maybe waiting into'll be the first to know when the eagle lands.

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