Sunday, April 27, 2008

Chickens moving to the big house!

After a couple of weekend's worth of construction, our trial run chickens (total of six) have moved to the new chicken coop! It has just the right look of rustic style and has been designed to be rodent proof (we hope).

The six babies are developing their feathers nicely. What we thought to be six bantam breeds might be three Rhode Island Reds and three from an unknown bantam breed. That's what you get when you buy from the local farm supply store when you are overanxious to have something live try out the results of your work.

We look forward to our big shipment of chicks from the McMurray Hatchery. In mid-May, we should have 31 new chicks arriving - thirty of mixed bantam breeds of our selection and one mystery rare chick. We could have a very interesting and colorful chicken crop this year.

Then, it will be a waiting game for our first eggs.

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